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Organic Blueberry Pancakes

Start with a fresh fruit salad (with yogurt and flax if you wish) Then your pancakes with maple syrup/butter. You won't be hungry anymore!!! Of course, tea or coffee, toast and jams.

Omelette: made with organic eggs and veggies

First your fresh fruit salad (with yogurt/flax if you wish). Scrumptious omelette with multigrain or wholewheat toast and butter. Tea/Coffee; jams; possibly freshly baked muffins or banana bread.

Organic Smoothies

For visitors in a hurry !
Green Smoothie - assorted greens/flax/protein powder/banana
Fruit Smoothie - assorted fruits in season
It will certainly tie you over till lunch !
We'll pack some banana bread for the road !

Organic French Toast

Start out with a fresh fruit salad (with yogurt/flax if you wish). Delectable nut/fruit; multigrain; wholewheat bread dipped in 'secret' egg mix and baked. Enjoy with maple syrup.

Organic Cereals - assorted

Always starts with a fresh fruit salad (with yogurt/flax if you wish). Have your choice of quinoa; millet; steelcut oats; corn-grits (or, if you prefer, dry cereal) with milk (cow/soy/almond/rice?). Add some nuts or raisins or some fruit and you'll have plenty of energy for the day ahead.

 All Organic! Life is Good!






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